3 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

3 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

The past couple of months have been crazy! I really needed some time to clear my head, so what did I do? – I booked a solo trip…or three 😀

A lot of my friends thought I was crazy but I promise you it was the best thing I could have done! Here are…

Three Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo


1. You can do what you want, when you want 

We’ve all been there. Trudging along behind your friends/partner/family as you are dragged along to some boring activity you have absolutely no interest in doing. But you do it anyway because you’re a grown-up and compromise is part of that, (or you’d just rather not get into an argument right now).

Or maybe you’re the one doing the dragging – trying to enjoy your museum trip/hike up a mountain/gallery exhibition but having to deal with this uninterested party that insists on dragging their feet, rolling their eyes and sighing intermittently.

Now what if I told you that you never have to deal with that again?! (for as long as you like, that is)

Guess what the solution is: “riding solo, riding solo, riding solo-solooooo” *Jason Derulo voice* (am I the only person that sings his name? “Ja-son De-rulooo” – anyway, back to the point)

With solo travel, your itinerary is completely at your discretion; you can do what you like, whenever you feel like it!


2. You learn more about yourself

Now this is an interesting one, and to me probably the most important. Travelling alone often gives you precious time for self-reflection. Usually, the mere presence of another person means quiet-time is rare. You are either doing something, planning something or talking about something. Especially when you share a room with someone, sometimes you could go several days with barely a few minutes to yourself.

A trip by yourself gives you more time for self-reflection but in addition, self-reliance. Just having to figure everything out for yourself activates that feeling of independence. I’m sure we’ve all been there, happily let someone else figure out the way to the airport, sign the car rental documents, speak to the travel insurance company, the list goes on! It’s not to say you’ll automatically have everything figured out but at least you’ll be taking action, asking for help when needed. For a lot of people, this will be completely different experience.


3. You improve your social skills

Exploring a new country or city by yourself forces you to polish up on your conversational skills so you can make new friends on the road – especially important for an introvert like me! For me personally, it helps me control my RBF a bit better (RBF = resting bitch face – ha!) I have acute RBF (lol) especially being a Londoner, it protects me from awkward convos and creepy guys on trains trying to hit on me. However, being approachable is key to striking up conversations with locals or other tourists when you’re somewhere new. You can learn all sorts of fascinating things from people who know a location better than you. Plus you’ll need to ask nicely if you want someone to step in as a photographer for fabulous photoshoot for the ‘Gram 😀

At very worst you’ll learn to switch your RBF on and off as needed!


In summary, travelling solo can be an amazing experience that pushes you outside your comfort zone. Is it something you have done before? If not, would you try it? Let me know in the comments below and in the meanwhile, check out my YouTube video on the same topic.

Chat soon,
Lou xx


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