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The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

It took me a good while to think up a good name for this post. I’m quite pleased with it actually, even though it is random af 😀 Anyway, just under a week ago I had an operation on my eye called a Scleral Buckle. Before I go any further. let me give you the background gist…

So when I was younger I suffered from maaaaajjjjjor short-sightedness and had laser eye surgery a few years ago to correct it (but that’s another story). Thankfully the last few years have been contact lens and glasses-free, which if you’re a permanent wearer of either you’ll know is the bomb diggity. Well there I was one evening, chilling on my couch watching Narcos (BEST SHOW EVER btw) and wiping off my makeup. If you watch Narcos you’ll know that a) it’s mad, and b) the koko of the gist is in the Spanish subtitles. Anyway I’m watching and wiping off my eye makeup when I realise I suddenly can’t see the subtitles…I was like “wait, what?!” – I opened both eyes and could see, then closed my right and couldn’t. You can’t even imagine the thoughts that were running through my mind at that point. I went to the bathroom to check the full extent – held my hand over one eye…and then the other. It then fully hit me that I had basically lost most of my vision in my left eye. I have to say it was one of the scariest moments of my life, and of course I promptly burst into tears but let’s skip over that part.

Fast forward to the next day and I had an emergency appointment with the company that did my laser surgery. I was convinced they had f***ed up but it turned out the issue was much bigger and unrelated to their work so I was directly referred to A&E of Moorfields eye hospital. 3-4 hours and more tears in the waiting room later, and an eye specialist explained that my long-term myopia had caused a retinal detachment and severe scarring on my macula.

Sidebar: In regular English, think of the eye as a projector showing images on a screen attached to the wall. Now imagine the screen is starting to peel off the wall…and has random holes in it…now you see the issue.

Right, where were we? Yes, so I would therefore need surgery to try to correct the damage. More tears again here but we’re not focusing on that lol.

So after weeks of trepidation, mental preparation and quite frankly a lot of tears, I had my operation last Monday. It went well according to the doctors and recovery will be slow but I’m feeling optimistic and keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Let me also mention that the tedium of the past week (could barely see, eyes were sore and strained, spent most days in and out of medication-induced sleep) is what spurred me to start this blog – So here’s to silver linings and the calm after the storm.

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