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Tenerife Style Diary

Tenerife Style Diary

Hi Lovelies! So last week I posted about some of my favourite things to do in Tenerife and spammed you guys with tonnes of pictures on my Instagram. I had so many lovely compliments on what I wore that I figured I’d do a quick round up of my outfits for the trip.

I was only out there for a few days, so I agonised over potential daytime outfits and cover ups for the cooler evenings. Travelling on a budget airline, it was key to be able to fit everything into a carry-on case, so where I could I opted for items that could be worn again and again in different combinations (peep the denim shorts) – sort of the Ikea of holiday outfits! - Tenerife Style Diary-3

Day 1

I started the day off in a simple black linen dress, perfect for the flight with a scarf, and the impending heat as we landed. I tend to wear dresses a lot as they’re easy to throw on and can be dressed up or down quite easily

We wasted no time heading to the beach so I changed into denim shorts and a white crop top over my  bikini. Had to stop for some ice cream first of course!

Linen dress (similar) | Off shoulder top (currently unavailable) - Tenerife Style Diary-11 - Tenerife Style Diary-6 - Tenerife Style Diary-9

Day 2

This was the day for exploring the town centre and Costa Martianez so again my trusty shorts were perfect to wear over my bikini bottoms. We would be walking along the breezy coastline so I wore a simple white tee…

Bikini top | Bikini bottoms - Tenerife Style Diary-20

The tee quickly came off as the weather warmed up… - Tenerife Style Diary-21 - Tenerife Style Diary-14 - Tenerife Style Diary-27

…then it was down to the bikini! - Tenerife Style Diary-26 - Tenerife Style Diary-29 - Tenerife Style Diary-28 - Tenerife Style Diary-32

Day 3

On my walk through the town centre on Day 2, I came across the prettiest dress in the Mango store! I wasted no time snapping it up and wearing it on Day 3.

Dress - Tenerife Style Diary-43 - Tenerife Style - Tenerife Style Diary-37 - Tenerife Style Diary-41

So that’s all folks! Do you have any go-to items you wear a lot on holiday? Let me know in the comments below and as always, if you enjoyed this post please like and/or share it!

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