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Summer Style – Bubbles and Orange

Summer Style – Bubbles and Orange


I’m absolutely loving this summer weather – barbecues, pool parties, rooftop bars – loving all of it! I play with an AWESOME team in a social league on Tuesdays (whoooooo Game Changers! :D). Our season recently ended and to celebrate our near-win (second in the league so not too shabby), we had a pool party/dinner party/garden party/all of the above. The question was what to wear to suit the mood?! I know we’ve all been there, trying to find an outfit that’s a little this, not too much that…it’s tough! Cue, this delicious orange number from Zara – Easy to slip on and off for pool time, detailing around the bust perfect for going “sans bra” after the pool, loose enough to hide that tummy after dinner and just the perfect colour to make a statement. Paired with these colourful wedges from Nine West and we’re good to go! - pool party - - pool party - stairs - summer style - zara orange - pool party - stairs - pool party - stairs 3

Orange is a gorgeous colour, especially on warmer/darker skin – check out here for some more summer styleΒ inspiration. I’ll be rounding up some of my fave summer finds soon, but in the meanwhile what is your go to outfit for that “summer-time fly”? Let me know in the comments below – bottoms up! - pool party - bubbles

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