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Style – A Little Shoulder

Style – A Little Shoulder

Hey guys, are you as stoked about the bank holiday as I am?! Nothing like some sunshine and a break from work πŸ˜€

This time a couple of weekends ago I was getting ready to head to the One Africa Music Fest, which was EPIC by the way! It was another sunny day (shock, horror – I know!) and I was determined to look stylish but stay cool – now who would have thought that would be possible wearing black? But hey, when you’re as dedicated to the cause as I am (and by “the cause” I mean wearing black haha), you find a way to make it work.

This off-shoulder midi dress was perfect for the occasion, dressy enough but also simple and elegant. I paired it with some coral heels – a nod to the (fleeting) spring/summer vibe – and a classic handbag. - A little shoulder - A little shoulder - A little shoulder 8

I’m a big fan of dresses, as you’ll soon learn, mainly because I don’t have much time to think about what pieces to put together. A dress can be slipped on and you’re out of the door in minutes (that is me on weekday mornings for work haha)…And a black dress, well even better because you have tons of flexibility around accesories. - A little shoulder - A little shoulder - A little shoulder 10

This dress was from asos – it often sems to be out in stock in black, but keep checking back, it is sooooo worth it. It took a couple of months to catch mine at one of the moments when it was in stock.

Shoes are from New Look – I have them in about four colours! *hides face* They are usually Β£20 but currently on sale at less than half price so better get em quick! - A little shoulder 2

Black is definitely the staple in my wardrobe, although I am slowly venturing out into spring hues. What colour do you tend to wear most? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, if you like this post please “like it” below or join the conversation πŸ˜€

Chat soon,
Lou xx

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