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Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay

My second weekend in Hong Kong and it rained THE WHOLE TIME! On the plus side, even though it’s super-rainy the temperatures are still pretty high so I donned my summer dress, popped an umbrella into my basket bag and headed to Repulse Bay.

Repulse Bay is a gorgeous area with restaurants, shops and a winding promenade along the beach. All that and it’s only a 15/20 minute taxi ride from Causeway Bay. There are also several buses that go straight there, making it very accessible.

The rain came down hard almost immediately after we set off in the taxi, but unfazed, we alighted and headed straight to a seafood restaurant called Limewood for some lunch. What better way to pass the time, right?

They had this “jerked coconut corn”, which was just divine! Coconut is not a particular favourite of mine but it worked really well with the corn. It was sweet and slightly salty all at once, defintiely a must-try.

An interesting take on plantain – unripe plantain, battered, fried and sprinkled in cinnamon.

Deep fried, thai-style snapper fish. I rarely (and by rarely, I mean never) eat whole fish but this was delicious. A creative take on battered fish – well-presented and tasty!

A yummy salad and some wings on the side too…

By the time we finished lunch the weather had improved so we strolled along the promenade, stopping to see the Tin Hau temple and the Kwun Yam shrine.

As soon as we figured that we had done enough walking to atone for our delicious lunch, it was time to head home. Great memories from an afternoon very well spent!

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