Real Life in: Johannesburg

After a few days in Cape Town for my friends’ wedding, Leo and I made a quick stop in Johannesburg to see my family there. And when I say “quick stop” I literally mean about a day and a half! We stayed with my family in Sandton and borrowed my aunt’s car to do some exploring.

Our first stop was Rosebank Mall (I promise it wasn’t my idea ha!), where we had lunch at Tasha’s and looked around the shops for little trinkets to take home for our friends and family.

DSC_3488DSC_3510And some not-so-little trinketsDSC_3517

Stop number two was Zoo Lake, recommended by my cousin as a great place to see and it really was. With the lake as its central attraction the surrounding park was lovely and serene. Some people rented boats and others (like us) relaxed on the bank (and took millions of pictures 🙈)


Leo was trying to convince me to get closer to the water. Abeg, I no fit. I clung to that tree for dear life!DSC_3680DSC_3679

Day two (or should I say Day 1.5) was the day we were leaving but I found some time to get my hair braided 🙂


DSC_3721And the limited time didn’t stop us from taking a quick drive back to Rosebank mall, where we heard there was an arts and crafts market on Sundays. The top floor of a car park had been turned into a stage for sellers to showcase their colourful wares. There were painters displaying their newest creations – village scenes of big-bottomed women carrying clay pots on their heads, men on bicycles, or simply abstract scenes portraying traditional South African life and heritage – also sellers of hand painted ornaments and other trinkets.

One of my favourites was a woman selling beautiful jewellery she made herself from traditional African prints and threads.

The market had so many great pieces – we spent wayyyy too much money there *hides face*

Then it was speedy stop at home to change and grab our bags before heading to the airport. I can tell you after such an action-packed few days we slept VERY well on the flight home! 😀

Chat soon,

Lou xx


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  1. Aye Aye Aye! Jo’burg! With the way I love that place ehn. I visit there now in my dreams on a daily basis. I know you enjoyed your vacation in Southy and 1.5 days in Johannesburg, so am not gonna ask.

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