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Real Life in: Cape Town

Real Life in: Cape Town

Last summer I got to witness the union of two of the loveliest, bubbliest, most fun people I know, my friends Nono and DK. Tbh as soon as DK proposed I said to Nono “let me know when and where in the world it’ll be and I’ll be there!” There was no way I was going to miss this wedding.

Funny enough I had only met Nono a couple of years ago when I worked in consulting. It was the end of November/early December so prime Christmas party season. I got dolled up and headed to my group Christmas party (or “Winter party” if we’re being politically correct haha).  I jumped on the train and I saw this girl wearing the most FABULOUS shoes I had ever seen – I chuckled to myself that she was probably going to a Christmas party of her own.

A couple of stops later, another girl gets on the train and greets her – they’re obviously friends. Then new girl turns her head and it’s someone in my team at work – what are the odds? I say this because I NEVER see people I know on the train; most of my friends live on the other side of the city from me. Anyway, that introduction was the start of a beautiful friendship (and lots of brunches of course!)

Fast forward to August 2016 and I was packing my bags to head to South Africa for their wedding.

I landed in Cape Town on a sunny albeit slightly chilly day. The drive to the Hilton in the city centre brought back memories of previous visits for me – visiting my cousin while she studied out there, then on the last trip going with the whole family for her graduation…good times!


At the hotel, I got settled in and prepared for what I hoped would be an epic trip. It took a lot of planning because I didn’t have very much time, especially as I was a bridesmaid I wanted to be at Nono’s beck and call if she needed. Still I managed to visit the V&A Waterfront (more than a few times 😀 ), played laser tag with the wedding party, met up with old friends, and even managed to squeeze in a salsa class with my friend Nicole!


The actual wedding would be held in Stellenbosch, about an hour’s drive from CT (boy did I spend a lot of money on Ubers *hides face*). The cab took us to our accommodation, a group of luxury villas at Spanish Farm and just wow…the place was phenomenal! (Honestly, click the link to check out their site.)

I’m really kicking myself now because I didn’t get many pictures of the actual villa, but believe me when I say it was EVERYTHING. Floor to ceiling windows, under-floor heating, a fireplace, bedrooms overlooking the mountains with a front row view of the sunrise in the morning *sigh*


As for the wedding itself…there literally are no words. It was such a beautiful ceremony and the love that overflowed was palpable. I was truly honoured to have shared a part in this day.


Nono and DK - bride and groomDSC_3091



Recording a video message for the couple as part of the wedding video…

And then time for the reception. DK gave the most loving speech to his new bride, the whole room was emotional…DSC_3173DSC_3192

The morning after came too soon and we all had to head home, the newlyweds came round to say goodbye to all their guests. Clearly the groom woke up in a great mood!


I was off to the airport – but of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without a quick stop in Johannesburg.


Airport adventures: photobombed by a keen model 😀DSC_3426

And of course airport shoppingDSC_3443

Read about my stay in Jo’Burg here

Chat soon,

Lou xx


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