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A Weekend in Mykonos – Exploring the Island

A Weekend in Mykonos – Exploring the Island

Mykonos Day 2: Exploring the Island

So you’ve read all about the first day of our Mykonos adventures (if not, read it here). After getting home at 6am – and wolfing down a gyros before going to bed, no less – we didn’t get up till 3pm!

There was no way we were going to waste the rest of the day though. By 5pm we were dressed and had rented a car to explore some of the island…

Old Town

Our first stop was the Old Town. Although we had seen it the night before, I was keen to look around in the daytime.

Passing by a few stores to pick out souvenirs to take home…

…And I had to get a crepe, of course. Trio Bambini has some of the best crepes I have ever tasted!

A few more minutes spent exploring before we headed back to the car to drive to our next stop…

Armenistis Lighthouse

The 25-minute drive to Armenistis Lighthouse was no joke, the island is basically a series of rocky hills so you find yourself driving down winding roads that are at times both incredibly steep and very narrow. The views as we headed up higher and further north more than made up for it though. - Armenistis Lighthouse in the distance, Lou red dress in the foreground

As we (finally) approached the clearing in front of the lighthouse, it was well worth the drive! Set against the stark, almost bleak landscape, the lighthouse jutted out – literally a beacon in the day.

Although the wind was unrelenting, it could not deter us from climbing out onto some rocks to take in the view. And what a stunning view it was!

In good spirits, although somewhat windswept, we trooped back to the car to make our final few stops before the sun went down…

Ano Mera and More…

Next on our route was the village of Ano Mera. A few of the locals we met on Saturday had suggested we stop by Ano Mera to get a better idea of the truest form of life on the island. It seemed to be a simple, sleepy but thoroughly chaming village. Kids were playing outside – chasing footballs, some in a game of hide and seek. It was almost like going back in time, and as we walked around it was as if time melted away.

Our drive continued, and we stopped at a couple of coastal beaches as the sun started to set.

The final stop on our route was at the infamous Scorpios, one of the island’s hotspots where the elite and “beautiful people” mingle. I can’t say much – I absolutely loved the vibe but not the music! (EDM is not for me haha).

Finally it was time to shimmy on home, we stopped for dinner at a charming restaurant a few doors down from our apartment before calling it a night. Not bad for a day which started at five in the afternoon, right?

We hit the sack, excited for our last day in Mykonos – a boat tour!



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