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A Weekend in Mykonos – Super Paradise

A Weekend in Mykonos – Super Paradise

Mykonos Day 1: Super Paradise

Mykonos, a charming Greek island sprawled across rocky hills, where better to catch some sun and sea? - mykonos day 1-1

I landed at noon on Saturday, the two-hour time difference belying the fact that I had left home for the airport at the ungodly hour of 3.45am that morning. But as the plane touched down in the brilliant sunshine I went from sleepy to excited to spend the weekend with my friend Amaka, celebrating her 30th birthday!

Quite ignorantly, I expected to land and get an uber from the airport – not a chance! First of all, there are no Ubers on the island. Also, there aren’t many taxis so prices can run really high. I had been told to expect to pay at least €30 for the 10 min drive. The Nigerian in me managed to haggle a ride for €15 from one of the taxi/tour companies in the airport. - Mykonos Day 1-12 y

Fast forward to the apartment – a warm welcome from Danae, our host at Casa Nostra, followed by a joyful reunion with Amaka and the crew. We then headed straight out to the beach for some lunch. - Mykonos Day 1-19y

We decided on Super Paradise as the girls had already been to some of of the other beaches. (Great name right? Note there’s also Paradise Beach! Super Paradise apparently is better for parties/clubbing). - Mykonos Day 1-22y

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and settled down in front of the - Mykonos Day 1-24y - Mykonos Day 1-71y

We stayed out in the sun, and in no time had made friends with the guys running a watersports centre and took turns riding in the speedboat. (This seems to be a thing I do on Greek Islands – probably because I love going out on the boats! 🙈) - Mykonos Day 1-65y

There’s something so great about being out on the open water. It’s healing and humbling all in one and was exactly what I needed. Of course there’s all that Zen stuff, but Amaka and I also needed a childlike moment. We took a turn on the water sofa (what’s the official name for those things??) and were dragged behind the boat – bouncing around,  giggling manically and clinging on for dear life. It’s a must do if you get the chance – so much fun! - Mykonos Day 1-30y

Evening in Little Venice

Later that night we headed out to the old town. The maze of white washed streets, buzzing with activity is divine. It feels like you’re in a movie!

First, dinner at Aglio e Olio. This is a gorgeous Italian restaurant with chic rustic decor and soft acoustic music adding to the ambience. Definitely one to try if you’re out there, especially if it’s a “bae-cation”. It has all the vibes and the food is exquisite!

After dinner we strolled around to find the perfect place to close out Amaka’s birthday. We eventually ended up at Semeli, a small but packed bar with great music. It was a fantastic night – I’m talking dancing on the bar, turning up to everything from Rihanna to Afrobeats and an obscene number of tequila shots (hence why I have no pictures, at least none I’m willing to share haha. We didn’t get home till about 6am!

Of course most of Sunday was a write off, but we still went out to explore Mykonos island

Till next time,

Lou xx

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