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A Weekend in Mykonos – Boat Tour

A Weekend in Mykonos – Boat Tour

Mykonos Day 2: Boat Tour

After two days spent on the beach and exploring Mykonos, we were keen to make the most of our last day on the island. What better to do than a boat tour?

It would be a full day of touring, with three stops at various points around the island.

The first stop was an hour away, so we all settled in for the ride.

For most of it, I sat at the helm of the boat, feeling the wind in my hair and the spray of the saltwater on my face – heaven!

Soon we arrived at quiet beach, laid out towels and sat eating hunks of bread and olives washed down with wine (and Ouzo, the local liqueur, not for the faint-hearted).

Back onto the boat we went, and our tour continued. Stop number two was Kalafati Beach.

Our hosts at Ristorante Bandanna were ready to receive us and laid out a scrumptious lunch! Delicious Greek salad, oven-roasted chicken and of course, great wine!

Sated, we wandered along the beach, eventually finding a shaded spot in front of the water.

In no time we were off again to our final stop – Super Paradise (yes, again!) This time I wanted to try jet-skiing – would you believe I’ve never done it before?!

Well I picked the wrong day I tell you. The sea had become choppy as the day went on. I was completely drenched before I even got out to the open water! I came out looking like a drowned rat! A great excuse for an outfit change though…

And that was it for our Mykonos adventure, we got back to Casa Nostra to grab our bags and headed straight to the airport. The boat tour was a great end to a fabulous trip!

Have you been to Mykonos, what did you think?

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