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Moving to Hong Kong!

Moving to Hong Kong!

Hi guys, I know it’s been a hot minute since my last post. Let’s just say life has been craaaazy: working stupid hours, moving to Hong Kong, a whole new city, and still trying to live my best life! I’m writing this from my cute little apartment in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. I’ve been out here now for two weeks and I’m OBSESSED with this place. It’s so dynamic and vivid: the colours, the sounds…and in fact let’s not even start on the food!

Giving that since moving to Hong Kong I’ve been out here trying to do like, everything, I’m going to break this up into a series of smaller posts which I’ll put up over the course of the next week or so…

Part 1 – Leaving Home

Moving to Hong Kong – What to Pack??

I legit packed not one, not two, but three massive suitcases stuffed full of summer dresses, tea bags, giant tubs of conditioner and everything in between! You see, I had done bits and pieces of research but didn’t have any idea what exactly I’d be able to find here in HK…

  • The clothes: While I’m not (quite) an “orobo“, I’m definitely not a size zero and I’m quite tall so I didn’t want to have to buy stuff and end up looking like I wore my younger sister’s clothes! Plus I wasn’t sure about the prices. I might be living my best life but that doesn’t involve rocking Gucci t-shirts and the like. “Abeg, my money never reach” lol
    – In Reality: They have all the damn shops in HK, and regular clothes are really affordable. I’ve already done a fair bit of shopping *hides face*

  • The shoes: FYI, I have big-ass feet! It’s not even fair. My ladies with big feet will feel my pain. For that reason, I don’t just show up willy-nilly to a country without at least like five pairs of shoes. For this three month stint I brought 12 pairs. (Before you judge me think about it –  work shoes, sandals, casual shoes, trainers, heels, wedges. That’s legit.) People had told me to bring some that could withstand the rain as it’s currently typhoon season.
    – In Reality: As luck would have it, the rain has completely ruined one of my two pairs of work shoes and the other pair is on its way out. So I had the not-so-fun task of finding shoes for my flappers. After a bit of research I found Vickie Shoes quite near my office. I popped over during my lunch break and ordered a two pairs to be custom-made. I’ll let you guys know the outcome in a couple of weeks when they’re ready.
  • The food: Now I’m sure you know by now that I looooove my food! I really don’t play when it comes to my noms, and leaving home for so long it did cross my mind that I might miss a few of my go-to treats (mostly nutella and bacon). I was quite good though, and the only thing I specifically packed was my extra-large box of PG Tips. I’m that person that always packs tea bags when I travel!
    In Reality – Of course on my first day I had to find me some bacon! However, after paying like £7 for a single pack at City Super, I had to humble myself lol! As for the nutella – it’s okay, I’ll manage for now. Especially seeing as I’m trying to not to be an orobo. The price of groceries in this city is no joke, especially if you’re trying to find “western” stuff! Thankfully I managed to find a cheaper supermarket for the more generic things. Deliveroo and my list of amazing restaurant recommendations have been my best friends as cooking is not really an option here.

  • The hair products: I brought all my sh*t!
    In Reality – In fact, I’m not even trying to get into this with you guys. Let’s just say I made the right decision and I’m thankful I can do my own hair, but there’s legit the possibility that I might come back bald lmao. I think I might need to update this section later because it’s only been a week so I have not found the black salons and shops. I’m pretty certain there aren’t any/many, but let me do some research before I speak on it properly. I do wish I brought some damn relaxer though!

First Week

This is the first time I’ve properly worked in another country. I mean, I did a stint in Copenhagen and Stockholm in my last job but consulting was different because you were always going home at the end of the week. Being in a new city and working full time means there’s just not enough time to explore in the same way as a holiday. Regardless, I managed to squeeze in a couple of fun activities including a cooking class, a hike (up what felt like a vertical hill), and a barbecue at the beach!

I’ll tell you all about it in my next post but in the meanwhile, follow me on Instagram to see my Hong Kong adventures in real time. In case you missed it, week one highlights and week two highlights are on my Instagram Stories.

Please give me recommendations of things to do/see or places to eat! 😀

Chat soon!


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