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Day Trip to Montenegro

Day Trip to Montenegro

Hi Lovelies! Have you ever been to Montenegro?

My friend Nono came to visit London from Zambia and we planned a quick trip to Croatia (post coming very soon, I promise!) While there we saw we could do a day trip to Montenegro with a tour guide so we jumped at the opportunity to see somewhere new! - A Day in Montenegro-46.jpg

The bus came to pick us up from our hotel at 8.30am on the Thursday morning, passports – check, camera – check, and off we went!It was about an hour’s drive to the border, and in that time the guide explained to us a bit about the
history of Montenegro, Croatia and other surrounding countries. The richness of their history is just fascinating. The time flew by and in no time we were across the border, and stopped at the prettiest little cafe/restaurant in Kostanjica. If you do this drive I would absolutely recommend stopping at this spot, it’s just gorgeous. - A Day in Montenegro-1 - A Day in Montenegro-6 - A Day in Montenegro-9.jpg

After our short break we continued our drive to the town of Kotor. On arrival we met with a tour guide for a whistle-stop tour of the old town. It was a lovely little place, but absolutely BOILING! A tour at high noon was definitely not a good idea, but the guide was sure to do most of the talking in the shade and we walked quickly between the pretty sights.

Once the tour was done, we were glad to find some respite from the sun in a gorgeous little restaurant with its own secret garden. Food was absolutely delicious, we started with prosciutto and I had the king prawn linguine as my main…now that’s what you call a king prawn! - A Day in - A Day in Montenegro-18 - A Day in Montenegro-19 - A Day in Montenegro-20 - A Day in Montenegro-23

All too quickly it was time to get back on the tour bus and head to the next spot: Budva. This seaside town would be our final stop on the tour.

We walked around the beach area curious to see what the town had to offer. Many locals seemed just as curious about us, two black girls, and often stopped to stare – some even asked to take pictures! - A Day in Montenegro-26 - A Day in Montenegro-31 - A Day in Montenegro-34 - A Day in Montenegro-35
These little girls asked to take a picture
Soon it was time to get back on the bus and head home…well, to the hotel. It was a fun but very long day so soon we were fast asleep in our seats as the driver whisked us back to Dubrovnik. - A Day in Montenegro-39 - A Day in Montenegro-37

Have any of you guys been to Montenegro? Let me know in the comments below! I’m already looking forward to my next holiday πŸ˜€

Chat soon,
Lou xx

44 thoughts on “Day Trip to Montenegro”

    • Thanks Courtney! I got it out there actually. I didn’t take a hat (silly of me) so I bought one of those 10 Euro ones from a souvenir shop haha!

  • Looks like a pretty area and a fun adventure! I am headed out to Italy/Slovenia/Croatia later this year for awhile, and this makes me feel like I should try to fit in Montenegro too :).

    • Yeah I’d definitely recommend it if you can fit it in, and it’s so easy to get to from Dubrovnik. Thanks for reading!

  • Haha how casual you sound “people were starring because we were black”…love your attitude! It happens to us while in India. After awhile it get quite exhausted as they wanted to bring the sister, then brother and then the whole family!πŸ˜‚ Montenegro is on the list for next summer!πŸ‘Œ

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yeah, we definitely had to take it on the chin or we’d have gone crazy! It did get a bit weird at times though lol

  • Loved Montenegro. We did it from Dubrovnik as well. Kotor is such a beautiful little town, especially if you hike to the fortress to see the views. Its amazing! Looks like you had a great time and it can easily be done in a day trip!

    • Oh wow, well done you! We considered hiking up but it was sooooo hot that we just chickened out and sat in the shade haha

    • I’d definitely recommend it Jenna, especially if you’re into Game of Thrones πŸ™‚ You end up with such a nostalgic vibe, as if a part of you has been before!

  • Montenegro looks fabulous – I have heard it is the next up and coming European destination – did it feel like that to you? Were there many other tourists there? I love the fact it’s easy to get there for a day trip from Croatia as well as I’ve been thinking about a trip to Croatia for a while…..:)

    • Hmm there were definitely a lot of tourists out there but it didn’t feel like a particularly diverse crowd. But hey, maybe that’s why it’s up and coming – the first sets of people have started flocking out there 😁

      As for Croatia, I can’t recommend it enough! Dubrovnik was sooooooo pretty!

  • Lovely photos! I wanted to do a day trip to Montenegro when we were in Dubrovnik, but ran out of time. Do you think 1 day is enough or would you recommend staying overnight?

    • Thanks Flo! I think a day trip is definitely enough to feel like you’ve seen the key things but more time never hurts. I’ve heard the nightlife is amazing out there so an overnight trip would be great to be able to experience that!

    • Ah shame, at least Dubrovnik is beautiful enough 😁 Thanks so much! And I love your beautiful city, especially in the summer!

  • Aw I am gutted I missed out on Montenegro! We stayed in Dubrovnik last year, even had a car and didn’t drive over annoyingly. It looks incredible. Next time hopefully.

    • Oh no, that’s a real shame! Would have been so easy for you guys. Did you manage to drive around other cities/towns within Croatia?

  • I have just come back from a trip in balkans. We caught the coach from Dubrovnik down to Bar in Montengro and so we drove through Kotor and Budva. They both looked stunning and I am very jealous that you got to stop and enjoy them. I could really do with another dose of sunshine. Take me back! Your prosciutto looks so tempting and that king prawn…nom! (Maybe I’m just cold and hungry).

    • Haha you’re making me hungry! I could definitely do with another dose of sunshine and that food 😁

      How was Bar?

  • Well, I understand the locals. Two beautiful girls, and they are chocolaty.
    The city of Budva is my favorite destination in any season. These long, long beaches. Croatia doesn’t have them.

    • Thank you Eva, it was definitely a beautiful place. I didn’t know much about it before I went

  • I nearly went to Montenegro! Ha! I went to Dubrovnik in April earlier this year and we had the choice to either go here or to Bosnia one day…we chose Bosnia which was also amazing. I agree the culture and history is just so interesting and the Balkan area is just beautiful. When we next go back Montenegro will be on the itinerary for sure x

  • Montenegro is on my bucket list! I just love the landscape and terrain. And you got visit Dubrovnik as well, how amazing! Love your pictures and I bet the dish with the shrimp was amazing πŸ™‚

    • It really was a gorgeous place, I love that whole part of the world! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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