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La Vache

La Vache

If you’re in the mood for steak frites in Hong Kong look no further than La Vache. This cosy little spot is nestled between a slew of great restaurants on Peel Street and like the others it does not disappoint.

If in doubt look for the cow in lights!

They do one thing and they do it damn well – steak frites. Okay, “one thing” may be a bit of an exaggeration…you start with a simple but delicious salad while your steak is cooked.

The entrecôte is served sizzling, and continues to do so right in front of you. Perfect if like me you don’t want your steak still mooing on your plate (medium-well please!)

Waiters make their way round with unlimited servings of perfectly-seasoned fries and the béarnaise sauce pulls it all together.

All this washed down with their house wine – a blend of French grapes makes for very easy drinking.

The lunch set also comes with dessert, for us an almond cake.

A simple but satisfying lunch!

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