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Hong Kong Living – One Month In

Hong Kong Living – One Month In

It’s been a month in Hong Kong and I don’t quite know where the time has gone! It feels like just a couple of days ago when I rocked up in this city, 3.5 suitcases in tow.

(In case you missed it, check out my first post from when I moved to Hong Kong)

One month in and Hong Kong fully has my heart. To be honest, that’s how I felt after one week so all that’s happened is I’ve fallen deeper in love with this hilly haven. Sitting on a junk on a Thursday evening (that’s what they call boats out here, don’t ask me why), I seriously started to imagine a more permanent life out here…

The climate, proximity to both nature (great hiking trails) and water (lovely little beaches), and of course all this glorious food suits me just fine. My waistline is telling a whole other story but I guess I need to spend more time on those hiking trails!

I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the many people I’ve met out here and have made friends I already know will be for life.

In terms of exploring the city, I’ve had amazing recommendations from people and have also been introduced to new places and experiences by my newfound friends. I’ve listed some of my favourites below.

Also, if you haven’t heard of it, you need to check out mapstr. It allows you to pin your favourite places anywhere in the world on a map in a few seconds. So no need to write lengthy lists of recommendations for your friends when they visit a new city. You can just tell them to follow you and they’ll see your list of restaurants, bars and whatever else. Add me on mapstr, I’m @reallifewithlou.

Now back to my old-fashioned list of recommendations…


  • Chili club
  • Tsui wah
  • Alto
  • Peking Garden
  • City Hall for dumplings
  • Oolaa
  • Aqua Spirit
  • Megan’s Kitchen

Bars and Clubs

  • Wooloomooloo
  • Dr Fern’s
  • Ophelia
  • Posto Pubblico (they also have amazing food!)
  • Blue Bar
  • Rummin’ Tings
  • The Iron Fairies

Hikes and other things to do

  • Hike the morning trail to Victoria Peak
  • Hike up Magazine Gap to or past Bowen road
  • Head to Repulse Bay
  • Take a “junk” trip!

See the full list on mapstr.

Right loves, till next time. I just touched down in Phuket, Thailand so I’m heading out to explore the city! Post coming soon but you can keep up with me on my IG stories xx

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