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A Holi Lot of Colour

A Holi Lot of Colour

You’ve probably come across pictures of people dancing, smiling and covered from top to toe in paint while they celebrate Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colours.

Also known as the Festival of Spring or the Festival of Love, Holi originated in India but is now celebrated all over the world – including in Hong Kong!

A Holi picnic on Lamma Island sounded like a perfect plan for a sunny Sunday afternoon. With three of my new friends I donned a white tee with some old denim shorts and headed to the pier to catch the ferry over.

Holi in Hong Kong - pier
If all else fails, take a picture with a stranger’s bike on the pier

We got to Lamma Island around 2pm and walked the 10/15 minutes to the beach.

Sidenote: Yet another thing I love about Hong Kong is that you can hop on a ferry and find yourself on an island in no time. Perks! 😀
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Holi in Hong Kong - ready!
Walking to the beach ready for some “Holi-hearted” fun

As soon as we arrived we were prime targets. A group of guys with mischievous grins were ready to greet us with handfuls of bright yellow powdered paint!

Blue, green, pink – in no time the white of our t-shirts was a distant memory. There was such an infectious sense of joy in the air (and about a ton of powdered paint too).

Holi in Hong Kong - getting stuck in

The DJ was playing everything from soca to Bollywood, so we danced to our hearts content as we playfully ducked and retaliated attacks of colour.

Holi in Hong Kong - Joy

A small but lovely thing was that as people threw and smeared streaks of paint on each other, each person would grin and say “Happy Holi”. I felt the same tug of warmth I feel when I’m with my loved ones saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” or “Welcome Home”.

Who would have thought that would be the sentiment on a beach with hundreds of strangers laughing and dancing and throwing paint?

Holi in Hong Kong - new friends!

The name makes sense to me now, it really is a Festival of Spring, Love and Colours!

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