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A Date at the Gym!

A Date at the Gym!

A gym date – no I’m not joking. Last week I was invited out on a date. I was expecting dinner or a show, that sort of thing, but instead he said to me, “I’ll pick you up at 7pm and I’m bringing you workout gear”. Wtf?!

Frame Outside -
“I squat and my house is clean…one of these is a lie”. I personally don’t squat, although I really should start #getitrightgetittight πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

We headed to Frame, a fitness studio in Shoreditch, where he had booked us in for a Boxfit class with Lisanne Van Sonsbeek (check out her website here). The vibe of the studio was very “Shoreditch” – lots of character with exposed brick walls, a colourfully-painted ceiling and cool-looking merchandise displayed on the wall.

Frame Merch -

I quickly got changed and we headed in to kick fat’s butt!

There were about eight other people in the class – who all looked considerably fitter than either of us and A LOT more comfortable (naturally I didn’t take any pics during the actual class)Frame Studio -

What followed was 45 minutes of intense burn! Squats, punch combos (at the mirror rather than each other), ab work, lunges, BURPEES! …I legitimately thought I was going to die – my life was flashing before my eyes and all that. Don’t let me put you off though, I’m a bit of a weakling. I tend to avoid gyms like the plague, and much prefer more “fun-based” workouts like dance classes, team sports and the like.

Lisanne had me sweating “like a Christmas goat” – as my dad would say. But as soon as the class ended the endorphins hit me and I felt great! (Or maybe my body was just glad the ordeal was over πŸ˜‚). I took a few cheeky pics as always, stayed for a chat with Lisanne and the rest of the staff – who were all absolutely lovely!

Wall - reallifewithlou.comLou and Lisanne - reallifewithlou.comEndorphins - reallifewithlou.comLou Mirror -

…then headed out to find some food…

Frame Alley 1 - reallifewithlou.comFrame Alley 2 - reallifewithlou.comFrame Alley 3 -

Flat Iron was nearby and steak sounded like a great idea right about then! We started with a well-earned bottle of wine while we waited for our table, then proceeded to devour the most delicious steak dinner.

The first time I went to Flat Iron (click here to see that post) I was a little underwhelmed and rated it about 7/10. However, I am now a BELIEVER! I don’t know whether it was the workout that had our appetites raging, but it was one of the most delicious meals I have had in a while! So delicious that I have had to update my previous rating to 8.5/10 πŸ˜€
(Only not a 9 because I found the portions a little too small, I could have eaten twice!)

Vino - reallifewithlou.comPopcorn -

So my dear readers, if you are invited onΒ a gym date do not despair (or punch the messengerΒ πŸ˜‰). It may be tough, but it will be worth it…especially if you get a damn good steak out of it!

Till next time,
Lou xx

P.S. In the meanwhile, what is your favourite post-workout meal? Let me know in the comments below…

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