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Birthday Behaviour at The Four Seasons, Marrakech

Birthday Behaviour at The Four Seasons, Marrakech

After what felt like the rainiest weekend in Marrakech, my friends and I had made the absolute best of the trip so far, but I for one was very pleased to see the sun come out on my birthday! - Rainy - Rainy Marrakech-909

We checked out of our Riad and headed out to see the Jardin Majorelle. Got there and *plot twist* the queue was down the block! #aintnobodygottimefordat! We headed straight to the Four Seasons for lunch instead. - Marrakesh-456

Those guys don’t play, the vibes, the views and the service were all amazing! - Marrakesh-455

We had a table in Inara, one of three restaurants on the property. We considered sitting out in the sun on their lovely terrace but figured we shouldn’t tempt fate. We needn’t have worried though, the sun stayed high in the sky. - Marrakesh-411

As we were seated we didn’t waste time ordering our lunch, so much to choose from…and of course the pressure of it being our last proper meal before leaving Marrakech. - Marrakesh-403

I chose the fresh prawn rolls with peanut sauce, but it was Sareena and Tee’s spinach, goat cheese and cherry tomato quiches that stole the show…and of course they would not shut up about it! - - Marrakesh-412

We all went for a more traditional main, which was pretty good but definitely not mind-blowing. - Marrakesh-419

The highlight though was my surprise birthday cake! The girls had arranged with the hotel to get me a small chocolate cake which was just delicious!! There’s something about the word “birthday” that transforms any cake into the real deal! I was so pleased! - - - Marrakesh-421

Our waiters joined in to sing happy birthday too! - Marrakesh-423

Well fed and very pleased with ourselves we finally said goodbye to the Four Seasons and headed back to the medina to grab our bags and head home! What a great end to a fabulous trip. - Rainy Marrakech-904 - Marrakesh-438

I guess you could say we truly experienced all four seasons on this trip (literally!)

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