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DIY – Metallic Photo Frames


I absolutely love baroque style decor, the sheer luxuriousness and regal feel…perfection to me. Funny enough I would still describe my style as simple and, dare I say elegant, so I guess it’s just a combination of the two.

It’s been on my mind for a while now to put up another gallery wall (I’ll show you my current one in another post). While my other gallery wall is for pictures of my loved ones, I wanted this new one for all the local art I collect when I travel – just simple little pieces that they sell to tourists but I love them and have built up quite a collection.

I have been scouring charity shops and the like for baroque/antique style photo frames or old paintings and managed to pick up a couple in the style a wanted…plus a bunch of simple ones too (even got a couple of old Ikea frames *rolls eyes*). I spent maybe £5 on about six or seven frames so really had nothing to lose.

The aim was to spray paint these silver and gold and hang them in my guest room.

Here’s how I did it:

What you’ll need


  1. Start off by covering the floor or surface you are using with old newspaper, an old sheets or a plastic cover – I used some old garment covers from my bf’s dry cleaning. You may want to hold in place with masking tape
  2. Prep your frames by wiping down to ensure there is no dust or dirt coating the surface. Remove the glass and backing cover so you are left with just the frame to be coloured
    NB: If the frame has a backing cover that can’t be removed or special materials like velvet on the back that you do not want to colour, cover these using the masking tape. Be sure to cover every aspect of the surface you do not want to paint
  3. Lay the frame down so the front to be coloured is facing you
  4. Now spray! Be sure to cover the whole surface, You may need to move round the frame to ensure you cover the sides and the inner surface
  5. Leave it to dry. The Kobra paint supposedly dries in 5 mins but I like to leave it for an hour or longer to be safe
  6. Once dry, put the glass and backing cover back on, removing any masking tape you may have used.

Et voila!

I will do another post on how I hung them up soon. Let me know what you think by typing a comment below.

Chat soon!

Lou xx

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