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Where The Pancakes Are

Where The Pancakes Are

Hi lovely people!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. One of my top weekend activities is brunching…it makes me so happy! And where better to go than the self-proclaimed home of pancakes – Where The Pancakes Are – in Southwark?

What I love (slightly) more than my pancakes is a catch up with my girls. This brunch was a long overdue sesh with my friend and fellow blogger Gops! We booked a table in advance but of course I was late so we were worried they would rush us. Thankfully it was fine in the end!

The first thing I noticed when I walked in (apart from their bright and airy decor) was how bl**dy close together the tables were lol. In fact Gops was perfectly fine waiting for me because she had all the entertainment she needed from the neighbouring table.

Once I arrived we had the tough task of deciding what to eat…particularly tough for me because I really wanted bacon but also wanted to try something different. In the end I settled on the Royale, which is basically eggs royale but on pancakes. I had my eggs fried instead of poached because the chef insisted poached eggs couldn’t be well done #diva 🙄


Gops got the blueberry pancakes with bacon (and I had MAJOR food envy)


We really worked up an appetite with all that catching up so we just about had room for “dessert” i.e. a third pancake! We opted for the banana chocolate pancakes after a whole lot of deliberation. I personally don’t believe in chocolate sauce…I mean it legit doesn’t exist to me as I’m such a lover of Nutella. (Speaking of which, Gops actually got me a personalised jar of Nutella for my birthday). What swayed me was that the chocolate sauce came with hazelnuts so I figured I could sort of pretend it was Nutella haha.


Well it was definitely nowhere near Nutella but was definitely delicious.

All in all a good brunch spot. Truthfully I wasn’t blown away enough to go back a second time, but I would definitely recommend to try at least once.

My rating: 7/10


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