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Dining Out: Brunch at Counter Vauxhall

Dining Out: Brunch at Counter Vauxhall

Happy Easter lovely people! Hope you’re all having a great bank holiday weekend.

Last weekend I met up with my friend Sope to celebrate her birthday with brunch at Counter, right opposite Vauxhall station. They serve a bottomless brunch at the weekend so she booked a table for all 20 or so of us. For £28 you get two hours of bottomless prosecco and get to order two courses from the menu (although some dishes – lobster royale for example – are not included in the deal).


If you live in London you’ll know that the weather last weekend was the best we’ve had this year so far…it was sooooooo nice! So of course I was quick to pull out a backless maxi dress for the occasion. The birthday girl on the other hand refused to compromise her fashionista status and wore an off shoulder wrap sweater with wide-leg pants. @StyleNecessity for the win! More details on these two looks here.

I was feeling all types of summer time fly…and doing a great job of hiding the fact that there was a pretty cold breeze!
The birthday girl looking fab

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – you guys know about African time right? For those who don’t:

African time [noun] – A disease that plagues numerous people, particularly us Nigerians, where we show up late for just about everything! 😂😂 Example – Sope invited Lou to her birthday brunch at 2pm, however as Lou was running on African time she showed up at 3.30pm

In summary, almost everyone was late haha! Admittedly I had a netball match beforehand and had told Sope what time to expect me. But by the time I got there, there were still quite a few people who hadn’t arrived yet. I think this completely threw the restaurant staff, as they had to keep taking individual orders. Plus the table was only available for a certain amount of time (a point they regularly reminded us about).

To start I ordered the banana split, sounds crazy right? It didn’t come in a tall glass but rather was a deconstructed version. Tbh all I saw when I looked at the menu was nutella and I was sold. It had a banana, yoghurt, granola, peanut butter, chocolate sauce and of course NUTELLA. It was delicious!

Deconstructed banana split

As a main, I really wanted a burger but for some reason was still in a breakfast-y mood (at 3.30pm – don’t ask), so I got the eggs royale. Now, eggs royale are pretty standard order. Yes, occasionally a place may not have the best salmon and that can be off-putting. In this case the salmon was fine, as were the eggs and Hollandaise sauce. The muffin, however, was stale and tough. I was so disappointed because how can you go wrong with something so basic?? I put it down to our different arrival times throwing the kitchen off their timing, but hmmmmm… 👀👀

Eggs royale


Verdict – Based on this and the service in general, I don’t think I would go back to this restaurant anytime soon. I’d still say it’s worth trying out, but maybe not in a group bigger than four, and maybe not with anyone that runs on African time!

My rating – 5.5/10

Have you been here before, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below, or hit “like” 🙂

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