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An Afternoon in Coronado

An Afternoon in Coronado

Over the summer I managed to wrangle quite a bit of time off work to do some exploring. My first stop was Portugal (in case you missed it, check out 5 Reason to love Lisbon and this amazing Portuguese steakhouse). After a quick stop in Nigeria for a friend’s wedding, I was on a flight to the US. First on the list was San Diego in sunny California! And of course I just had to check out beautiful Coronado.

I drove over the iconic Coronado bridge and took in the amazing views over the water. It was a sunny, clear day – as you would expect in California so you could see for miles and miles. Of course as I was driving I wasn’t able to take pictures so you’ll just gave to take my word for it haha! - Coronado, San Diego-9

I headed straight to the Hotel del Coronado, probably the most iconic spot in the area. I parked up and left the car to  explore the hotel and the sunny palm tree-lined streets. - Coronado, San Diego-31

A cheeky peek into the hotel and I was surprised to find it decorated quite traditionally, with rich, dark wood lining the walls leading to a maze of small gift shops and the like.

I found myself missing the bright sunshine so I quickly headed back outside through the back of the hotel. You can walk along the beach behind the hotel, so I did just that.

There were gorgeous villas and a couple of restaurants and cafes to grab a bite. - Coronado, San Diego-15 - Coronado, San Diego-13

There was even a proper lounge area right on the sand! - Coronado, San Diego-14

Before long I stopped at one of the hotel’s beachfront restaurants, Sun Deck Bar & Grill, for a spot of lunch. Recently I’ve really had a thing for lobster (clearly I’m a classy gal haha!) So of course I just had to order a lobster roll… - Coronado, San Diego-25

The garlic fries were out of this world! - Coronado, San Diego-21

I wolfed down my lunch in record time and continued my walk towards the marina. What a sight – beautiful, mirror-like waters! I sat for a while enjoying the view but too soon it was time to head off. - Coronado, San Diego-35 - Coronado, San Diego-33

The afternoon just flew by! Next on the list was Little Italy in San Diego for drinks with my friend Nat. Post coming soon…

Have you been to Coronado? Please tell me I’m not the only one obsessed with this little slice of heaven! As usual, let me know in the comments below.

Chat soon,
Lou xx

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