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Dining Out: Comptoir Libanais

Dining Out: Comptoir Libanais

It was Friday night after a loooooooooong week at the office and frankly all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep for the good part of a month! However “man must eat” so I set about finding a relaxed restaurant for dinner.

A quick search on OpenTable revealed this little gem, Comptoir Libanais in Broadgate Circle, although I’m sure that anyone who works nearby must be shaking their heads at me because they would have discovered it ages ago! Anyway my friend and I booked a table and headed over after work.

Comptoir Libanais

Before dinner
Camera in tow, ready to take a million pictures 😀 I got this portable “bridge” camera recently to replace my DSLR for everyday use (but I’ll do a separate post on it soon)

The restaurant (well more like cafe, really) was colourful and bustling with activity. It has a great vibe and the staff were very welcoming.

At the counter

Inside the restaurant
They had lots of interesting pieces you could buy, ranging from specially selected wines to handmade tote bags

We were seated straight away and dived straight into the menu – although, I don’t know who I was kidding, I had already decided what I was going to eat before we even walked in.


We started with the Marinated Jawaleh (chicken wings) and the Lamb Kibbeh

Chicken wingsLamb ballsStarters

Next the main, and this is what I had been waiting for…the lamb burger. For real, lamb and I are just a match made in heaven; however, I’m just not a fan of mint, yoghurt or whatever else on my lamb – It’s not by force abeg. So back to this lamb burger: deliciously seasoned lamb, partnered with a thick slice of halloumi (plus some other stuff but that’s irrelevant haha). It was epic – literally a party in my mouth. And it was made better still by the spiced grilled potato (Batata Harra) it was served with.

Lamb burger and Potatoes
My friend had the sea bass


The verdict: It’s a cheap and cheerful spot for a casual dinner. If you plan on getting the lamb burger, I would 100% recommend it! The one downside for me was the service: the wait staff were lovely but EXTREMELY SLOW. It took ages to get anyone to serve us – water for example, which was the first thing we asked for, didn’t arrive till we were getting the bill – despite asking about three times. Still worth a visit though, at least for the burger 😀 I left with a massive smile on my face!

My rating: 7/10

After dinner
All smiles, reminiscing on my burger

Till next time

Lou xx

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