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Canova Hall, Brixton

Canova Hall, Brixton

I haven’t spent  much time in Brixton but my friend Lauren is constantly raving about it, so when she suggested brunch at Canova Hall, I jumped at the opportunity. - Canova Hall Brixton-1 - Canova Hall Brixton-32

The first thing you notice when you walk into Canova Hall is how (surprisingly) big the place is. The hints of old-school charm are brought to life by the new-school bustle of Brixton residents. - Canova Hall - Canova Hall Brixton-17

You can just as easily imagine brunching there on a Saturday morning as you can sipping a glass of wine on a Sunday evening. - Canova Hall Brixton-15

I ordered the “Big Bacon Sandwich”, which comes with bacon, fried eggs, roast mushrooms, tomatoes, triple cooked chips and nduja ketchup. I was feeling pretty rough so asked them to remove everything but the bacon and eggs! (please don’t judge me *Chris Brown voice*) - Canova Hall Brixton-7

Lauren had the avo toast, which she wolfed down before I could get a pic! I lie, I was too distracted by my bacon to remember to take any.

However, you can’t go to brunch and not have pancakes right? So we ordered a portion to share. I was definitely more impressed with the pancakes than the bacon sarnie (*gasps* I know, I’m shocked too) - Canova Hall Brixton-12 - Canova Hall Brixton-13

All in all I wasn’t blown away by their food but absolutely loved the vibe of the place. I’d definitely come back for a drink. - Canova Hall - Canova Hall Brixton-23

…And off we went to explore some other Brixton spots… - Canova Hall Brixton-26

There she is! Say hi to Lauren, my camera woman for the day! (she had no choice tbh) - Canova Hall - Canova Hall Brixton-37

Brixton definitely has many more gems, and the best Pasteis de Nata I’ve had outside Lisbon! Can’t wait to share more great spots with you guys. - Canova Hall Brixton-40 - Canova Hall Brixton-33 - Canova Hall Brixton-45

Ok, bye now!


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