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Brunch at Villandry

Brunch at Villandry

Hey Lovelies, hope you’ve had a great week. I myself have had a fantastic one! I’m currently sitting in an air-conditioned room in Nigeria – thoroughly pampered and completely relaxed. In case you were wondering, no, I have not become a fully-fledged lady of leisure (sadly). I did however take a few weeks off work to travel, recuperate and clear my head – and boy, is it working 🙂

So a few of my London loves have been quite upset with me after my last post about the Ahhh-mazing steak in Lisbon. It seems while you guys are happy to know about my delicious foodie adventures, I actually just make you hungry haha! So to make it up to those of you that have no plans to fly all the way to Lisbon for steak (even though I say yolo, just do it ha!) here’s an amazing place in London that you can try this weekend for brunch instead. See how I timed it so perfectly with the weekend? You’re welcome 😀

Right, brunch at Villandry – perfect summer vibes! They serve a 3-course brunch for £25 and if you feel like living the baby-girl (or indeed baby-boy) life, you can add “unlimited” Prosecco for an additional £15. I met up with my friend Gops – we always do brunch because we’re about that life haha! (Did you see the post about our brunch at Where the Pancakes Are?) We planned this one quite last minute but the staff at Villandry accommodated us easily. - Brunch at - Brunch at - Brunch at Villandry-11

To start with, we ordered tea/coffee as part of the three-course menu. This was served with our choice of pastry – pain au chocolat all the way! We nibbled on these while we waited for the mains, although I was already sort of full 🙈 - Brunch at Villandry-6

The main event was the bacon and avocado sandwich for me. A soft burger bun, piled with bacon, a tonne of avocado and a duck egg. I was determined to smash it. Gops went for the eggs royale, classic choice. - Brunch at - Brunch at - Brunch at Villandry-9

After all my declarations, victory was elusive and I found myself at the mercy of the delicious burger. There was no way in hell I could finish it haha! Plus there was still dessert – but we all know that goes into a different part of the stomach right?

Dessert was a selection of small dishes, my favourite, the mini-macaroon. - Brunch at Villandry-10

Defeated, but well-fed and in great spirits, we wondered out into the sunshine. Of course, I couldn’t resist the chance for a photo-op. - Brunch at - Brunch at - Brunch at Villandry-17

The Verdict

And there you have it, no-fuss deliciousness, brunch at Villandry is an obvious win. Check out their website here.

My rating: 8/10


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