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Brunch at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Brunch at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

By now you must know I love my girlie catch ups over brunch. I was super excited to catch up with my friend Bambo after so long and where better than Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings?

We had heard great things about B&H Buildings: Instagram-worthy décor, a cosy fireplace and delicious food at great prices – yes please!

The first thing you notice about this place is how bright but cosy it feels. A mix of furniture and styles, but it all comes together to make a beautifully curated space, complete with a tropical-print chairs and a separate conservatory dining area. - B&H - B&H Buildings-31

Bambo and I wasted no time to order, starting of course with tea and coffee while we studied the menu. - B&H - B&H - B&H Buildings-5

We considered doing the bottomless brunch, but as I drove there alas it wasn’t to be. Besides I knew I would be taking pictures, and believe me you don’t want to see my blurry shots after two drinks!

So for food we both did the right thing and ordered pancakes. Bambo had the banana and coconut pancakes with berries. - B&H - B&H Buildings-16

I had the drop scones with bacon and maple syrup. (I’m legit addicted to bacon guys, this is a problem *hides face*) - B&H Buildings-7

Of course I can’t stop the smile across my face whenever I see good food! - B&H Buildings-14

Everything was just delicious! It’s funny how a seemingly small plates can fill you up so! - B&H Buildings-9

Bellies full, the next logical step was to walk off the food with a quick stroll to the nearby park. - B&H Buildings-46

And you know me, there was definitely a quick stop for a photo or three. - B&H

Plus Bambo’s outfit was so cute that she needed a whole shoot of her own! I say this girl needs to start a style blog already, don’t you agree? - B&H - B&H - B&H Buildings-56

We sat in the park for a while before eventually giving in to the cold and heading home. - B&H - B&H Buildings-88

A well-spent afternoon! And better believe I had the best nap after; didn’t you know naps are a great cure for a food-baby?!

4 thoughts on “Brunch at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings”

  • I keep seeing this place on my instagram feed. I love the look of it and will add it to my long list of places to visit. It is behind Peggy Porchester and the Elan Cafe. Have you been to those places?

    • Yeah it’s got such a great vibe, my pictures don’t do it justice at all! I haven’t been to either of those other ones, are they good?

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