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Dining Out: Brunch at Bill’s

Dining Out: Brunch at Bill’s

Brunch is literally my favourite meal. I know some people say it’s not a real meal but those people suck! 😛

Had a great catch up with old friends at Bill’s Baker Street. Sadly they don’t do an official “brunch”, it’s either breakfast or lunch lol. Of course we couldn’t make it early enough for their breakfast menu (African time is real y’all) so lunch it was. I was really sad to miss out on their pancakes but apparently there’ll be pancake specials every day next week so maybe I’ll go back.



Started with drinks. The watermelon cooler is delicious, but I opted for a glass of wine…never too early, right? 😉


We were starving and thankfully didn’t have too wait too long for the food. Calamari to start (the red sauce was insanely good! In fact the calamari was insanely good come to think of it)dsc_0440

Mains arrived soon after…dsc_0441dsc_0442dsc_0443dsc_0444dsc_0445dsc_0446

The red sauce was so good we asked for more with our mains!dsc_0448

After food what else to do but take a few pictures. Managed to spot a classic red bus


I am in love with her handbagdsc_0467

My (not very willing) model, Mayedsc_0468

These pics of me serve to prove that I can’t bloody stand still haha

“ugh, did I step in something?”dsc_0472

“oh no, false alarm – all good!”dsc_0474

“ooh, what’s that noise?”dsc_0475

“hmm, what should I have for dinner?”dsc_0477

“are you still talking pictures of me?”dsc_0478

“ok, I’m clearly over this now”dsc_0479

“let’s go get more food! :D”dsc_0481

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