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Ahhh-mazing Steak in Lisbon Portugal

Ahhh-mazing Steak in Lisbon Portugal

Review of Atalho Real in Lisbon, Portugal – A Meat-lover’s Paradise! This Lisbon steak and burger house serves a variety of meat dishes and delicious sides. Check out their website for more information.

Lisbon Steak House

Guys, I literally could not wait to share details of this amazing restaurant! I’m currently on the plane back to London, typing furiously. I ate there just a few hours ago but guys the food touched my soul *sobs*

Okay, I’ll dial it back a little bit – they call me the drama llama at work and I better not give them any further ammunition haha. But seriously that meal was everything!

Right, let’s back-pedal a little: Hi guys, how are you doing? Long time no-post from my side but I’ve just been living the baby-girl life out in these streets – and dealing with a few life things, but more on that another day. I mentioned I was on a flight back home to London. Context: on Monday morning I booked a flight to Lisbon, Portugal and was on the flight by 7am on Tuesday. (That’s how I roll now, apparently – yassssss hunny *flips hair*)

So I spent two and a bit days in Lisbon – short and sweet (blog post coming soon) – and on my last day (i.e. today) I discovered the amazing Atalho Real. At the start of the trip I had grand plans to find a million restaurants to try out and fulfil my foodie needs. However, with the heat I could barely manage two meals a day, let alone the four or so I would have needed to fit in all my restaurant goals. Today though, I was determined to go out with a bang. I decided on this Lisbon steak house because I hadn’t eaten much red meat on this trip. I checked out of the hotel, left my bag with the concierge and set out on the 48-minute walk from my hotel to the restaurant. (Yes, 48 minutes – Trailwalker has changed me guys!)

The walk led me to the gates of a pretty looking building with a couple of seating areas outside. Turns out the restaurant was actually converted from the old kitchen of the Embaixada Palace. As I made my way inside I was greeted warmly by the waitress and offered a table inside a simply-decorated, high-ceilinged dining area. I couldn’t wait to order! - Atalho - Atalho - Atalho Real-29

For starters, I chose the “Pica-pau”. Sliced tenderloin steak served with delicious crusty bread they call “bolo do caco” and two dipping sauces. Up until this point I still wasn’t sure if this place would live up to my expectations, until I tasted it – WOW! Tender and juicy, well-balanced by the dips – one mustard-based, and the other I believe was Molho Cru, a Portuguese sauce similar to chimichurri. - Lisbon Steak - Atalho Real-9 - Atalho - Atalho - Atalho Real-5

As I had a taste of the steak for starters, I opted for lamb chops as my main and I was not disappointed! Offered with two sides, I chose the gratin dauphinois and mixed salad. Of course I had to get the full experience and partner it with red wine; I decided to try the local Palha Canas. And one thing I must mention was the serving size, the waitress did not hold back on the wine – my glass was practically full. Now when someone pours you a glass that large, you just say thank you and thank God! 😀 - Atalho Real-14

Now back to my lamb chops – one bite and I was melting; I literally could not keep the smile off my face. Again, super tender and so well-flavoured. Combined with the potatoes, perfectly crispy on the outsides and creamy on the inside *sigh*. Just writing about it is making me hungry again. - Atalho - Atalho - Atalho Real-17

So all this: starter, main, (massive) glass of wine – plus a bottle of coke because I deserved it after my hike in the sun 😀 – for under 30 Euros. Money very well spent!

I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you’re a meat lover and find yourself in Portugal, you should definitely try this Lisbon steak house. Check out the Atalho Real website.

My rating: a strong 9/10. - Atalho - Atalho Real-31

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