Ahhh-mazing Steak in Lisbon Portugal

Review of Atalho Real in Lisbon, Portugal – A Meat-lover’s Paradise! This Lisbon steak and burger house serves a variety of meat dishes and delicious sides. Check out their website for more information.

Lisbon Steak House

Guys, I literally could not wait to share details of this amazing restaurant! I’m currently on the plane back to London, typing furiously. I ate there just a few hours ago but guys the food touched my soul *sobs*

Okay, I’ll dial it back a little bit – they call me the drama llama at work and I better not give them any further ammunition haha. But seriously that meal was everything!

Right, let’s back-pedal a little: Hi guys, how are you doing? Long time no-post from my side but I’ve just been living the baby-girl life out in these streets – and dealing with a few life things, but more on that another day. I mentioned I was on a flight back home to London. Context: on Monday morning I booked a flight to Lisbon, Portugal and was on the flight by 7am on Tuesday. (That’s how I roll now, apparently – yassssss hunny *flips hair*)

So I spent two and a bit days in Lisbon – short and sweet (blog post coming soon) – and on my last day (i.e. today) I discovered the amazing Atalho Real. At the start of the trip I had grand plans to find a million restaurants to try out and fulfil my foodie needs. However, with the heat I could barely manage two meals a day, let alone the four or so I would have needed to fit in all my restaurant goals. Today though, I was determined to go out with a bang. I decided on this Lisbon steak house because I hadn’t eaten much red meat on this trip. I checked out of the hotel, left my bag with the concierge and set out on the 48-minute walk from my hotel to the restaurant. (Yes, 48 minutes – Trailwalker has changed me guys!)

The walk led me to the gates of a pretty looking building with a couple of seating areas outside. Turns out the restaurant was actually converted from the old kitchen of the Embaixada Palace. As I made my way inside I was greeted warmly by the waitress and offered a table inside a simply-decorated, high-ceilinged dining area. I couldn’t wait to order!

Reallifewithlou.com - Atalho Real-34Reallifewithlou.com - Atalho Real-32Reallifewithlou.com - Atalho Real-29

For starters, I chose the “Pica-pau”. Sliced tenderloin steak served with delicious crusty bread they call “bolo do caco” and two dipping sauces. Up until this point I still wasn’t sure if this place would live up to my expectations, until I tasted it – WOW! Tender and juicy, well-balanced by the dips – one mustard-based, and the other I believe was Molho Cru, a Portuguese sauce similar to chimichurri.

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As I had a taste of the steak for starters, I opted for lamb chops as my main and I was not disappointed! Offered with two sides, I chose the gratin dauphinois and mixed salad. Of course I had to get the full experience and partner it with red wine; I decided to try the local Palha Canas. And one thing I must mention was the serving size, the waitress did not hold back on the wine – my glass was practically full. Now when someone pours you a glass that large, you just say thank you and thank God! 😀

Reallifewithlou.com - Atalho Real-14

Now back to my lamb chops – one bite and I was melting; I literally could not keep the smile off my face. Again, super tender and so well-flavoured. Combined with the potatoes, perfectly crispy on the outsides and creamy on the inside *sigh*. Just writing about it is making me hungry again.

Reallifewithlou.com - Atalho Real-23Reallifewithlou.com - Atalho Real-19Reallifewithlou.com - Atalho Real-17

So all this: starter, main, (massive) glass of wine – plus a bottle of coke because I deserved it after my hike in the sun 😀 – for under 30 Euros. Money very well spent!

I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you’re a meat lover and find yourself in Portugal, you should definitely try this Lisbon steak house. Check out the Atalho Real website.

My rating: a strong 9/10.

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29 thoughts on “Ahhh-mazing Steak in Lisbon Portugal

  1. Lamb is my favorite meat. Your post has motivated me to head out and find some for tonight’s dinner. Nice post and I’ll be checking for other ideas on this blog. Best Regards, Jim

    1. Oh Meghan, you absolutely must! 🙂 And the city is beautiful too…but I would go back just for another meal 😂😂

  2. Oh my goodness. Not only did this sound amazing, I’m sitting here looking at these pictures like “Geez, I need to go there ASAP”. Everything looked amazing. Great pictures😍

  3. I loved visiting Lisbon! When I was in the military I was assigned to Rota Spain and we traveled all over during our three years there. Portugal is such a beautiful place with amazing views!

    1. Oh wow, how fascinating! I’m definitely going to be visiting again soon. Where else in Portugal would you recommend?

  4. I love Portugal but have never been to Lisbon, we do keep talking about going but never get round to it….one day! That steak looks amazing, exactly how I like it cooked, and the chops look great too!

  5. Hey, we ate at this place at the end of July! I am not a massive fan of red meat but the other members of my family are, so my husband booked a table for our last night of our Porto / Lisbon trip (btw thanks for reading my blog post on these two cities 🙂 )

    It’s a nice idea that you select the cut of meat you want. I opted to have it minced into a steak burger which was probably the best I’ve ever eaten. I also had those extremely luxurious potatoes … mmmmmm!


    1. Amazing!! You’re the first person I’ve met that’s been there, glad you agree! 😃 It’s just amazing isn’t it? I’ve been dreaming about those potatoes… *sighs*

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