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All White in Croatia

Hi Lovely People! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

I’m sure you saw my post about my trip to Dubrovnik in Croatia, if not check it out. I decided on an all white wardrobe (or mostly white, I should say) for this trip…because why not right? 😀  I tend to wear A LOT of black in general so have been making a conscious effort to branch out. White can look really stylish and elegant, and given the fabulous weather, where better to rock it than on holiday in Croatia? Here’s an ode to the end of the summer…

Croatia All White Look Book

Outfit 1 – Parisian Pencil

For the flight I wore this pencil dress from Parisian (available at ASOS). It has actually become one of my favourites as it’s so simple and comfortable. It can easily be dressed up or down depending on where you’re headed. I was so comfortable in it that I didn’t bother changing when we landed.

Pros – Stylish, comfortable, can get away with not wearing a bra (always a plus!)
Cons – I found the slit at the back ripped quite easily, thankfully no major wardrobe malfunction

 Outfit 2 – Maxi Glow

My second outfit was this maxi dress from Miss Selfridge. I absolutely loved the simplicity of it, you’ll find that I use the word “simple” a lot when it comes to my favourite looks. I would like to think that my style is simple but elegant so I gravitate towards pieces that give me that vibe.

Pros – Scuba neckline is super-flattering and creates the illusion of long sleek lines i.e. I think it makes me look slimmer haha!
Cons – It was not very forgiving after I had dinner, my tummy seemed to have it’s own postcode. Of course I had to “suck belle” for the pictures


Outfit 3 – Pretty Playful

Technically my third and fourth outfits were worn in Montenegro (have you seen the post about my Day Trip to Montenegro yet?) but I’ll include them here anyway

This off shoulder playsuit was from Bershka and I fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on it

Pros – Looks pretty!
Cons – I found the sizing a tiny bit too small. Perhaps because I’m a quite tall (I’m 5’8) I found it constricting along my torso, like the feeling when you wear a swimsuit that’s too small lol

Outfit 4 – Beach Babe

This was the second of my Montenegro outfits. (Yes, I got changed there – I’m extra like that!)

The plan was to wear my bikini by the beach but we ended up walking along the strip instead. I simply wore my denim shorts over my bikini bottoms and added the oversized shirt to keep the scorching sun off my shoulders.

I still got to rock the bikini at the hotel pool though…


Outfit 5 – A Little Grey

This simple – there’s that word again – dress was from ASOS a long while ago. You may have noticed I wore the black version on my Trip to Tenerife. I saw the orange version on one of my friends a few years ago, so I bought it in three colours! As you can probably tell, I’m a BIG fan of pencil dresses. This colour is more of a very light grey than white but abeg allow me 😀

Pros – Classic vibe, great for staying cool
Cons – Colour is not necessarily the most forgiving. The black version however, hides a multitude of sins!


Outfit 6 – Ruffle Glory

Now this one was really something. You guys know I couldn’t go all the way to Croatia and not “Give Dem” [translation: go all the way Beyonce on ‘em, or in plain English dress like a superstar!]

This dress though! Another ASOS find, and I felt like a million bucks in my off-shoulder ruffle glory 😀 I had absolutely nowhere to wear this to but rocked it anyway – I mean, why the hell not?!

I would totally recommend it though: the next time you go on holiday, pack one over the top outfit that makes you feel like an absolute goddess (or god, for the lads) and just rock it. You’ll feel amazing, believe me. And the beauty is, even if you feel a bit silly, no one knows who you are. For all they know you’re a millionaire movie director – own it!

Pros – It’s FABULOUS
Cons – Spanx are so necessary! (this is clearly a recurring problem for me at the moment haha)


Outfit 7 – Take The Plunge

And finally this gorgeous plait-back plunge swimsuit from ASOS. Ordinarily I prefer bikinis but this suit was so chic and flattering that I just had to get it.

Pros – Super flattering
Cons – More suited to sitting around looking cute as it definitely felt like there would be a nip-slip at any given moment! But that could just be me *shrugs*


And that’s it, a good way to see out the summer style-wise – I’ll be going back to black! Do you wear a lot of white on holiday? Let me know in the comments below and as usual if you enjoyed this post, feed my ego and leave a like or comment 😀

Chat soon,
Lou xx



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