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A Weekend in Taipei

A Weekend in Taipei

Touchdown in Taipei

A weekend in Taipei was just what the doctor ordered. In the couple of months I spent in Hong Kong I wasn’t able to book in as many weekend getaways as I would have liked, so when my friend recommended Taiwan I bit the bullet and booked a last-minute weekend trip.
(Skyscanner was the usual lifesaver)

I raced to the airport first thing on Saturday morning after a frantic evening spent working and packing. You can only imagine how annoyed I was to get to the airport only to find that my flight was delayed by an hour. I mean, I’m pretty grumpy in the morning on the best of days so I was definitely not a happy bunny, but I was determined to push past it.

We landed around 10am, and it seemed luck was still not quite on my side. It was an adventure and a half getting to my hotel! let’s just say long immigration queues, public transport and rain are not my friends. After a lot of swearing and wet feet (ew!) I finally made it to Caesar Park Hotel, my home for the next two nights.

To say I was impressed would be an understatement, the hotel is amazing! Plush carpet, insanely comfortable bed, fully stocked mini bar, massive double bathroom – what more could a girl want?! It was exactly what I needed to get back on track. In fact, I got so comfortable in my room that I didn’t head out to see the city until about 4pm!

Exploring the City

So where to go first? I headed straight to Dihua Street, a commercial/trade centre and the oldest street in Taipei.

Almost immediately I was hit by the smell of street food. Cafes and vendors were serving everything from stir fried spicy noodles to grilled skewers of pork. Of course I couldn’t resist!

I love exploring new cities on foot (or by bike where I can) so I walked for a couple of hours, taking in the sights…

…all the way through the gorgeous 228 Peace Memorial Park…

My walk continued on towards Taipei 101, the tallest building in the city. It has an observation deck where you can look out across Taipei. Gorgeous views but the wind was no joke!

The final stop before heading home would be a night market – Taipei is famous for them. My aching feet were begging for a rest so I jumped in a taxi to make the 15 minute journey to Shilin night market. It’s one of the two or three most popular markets there.

But do you know what’s upsetting? Going to a night market full of all sorts of weird and wonderful street food and not being able to eat because you’ve stuffed your face at Din Tai Fung #firstworldproblems

I did manage to take down a hearty portion of grilled mushrooms though, so Mind – 1: Matter – 0.

Not bad for one day in Taipei. Day two was even more chock-full of adventures…post coming soon!

Lou xx

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