A Little Treat

A Little Treat

So we ate all of the food at Christmas, drank all of the champagne on New Year’s Eve and rang in the new year with excitement and fervour to be better people. Whether it’s dry January, vegan-uary or just a general healthy kick, it feels like everyone was determined to start the year right!

Three weeks in and I don’t know about you, but January is kicking my ass! 😂 It’s freezing, working full weeks is feeling particularly long, especially as the sun insists on setting before I leave the office.

But hey, it’s still my birthday month, it’s my 2-year blog-iversary soon and it’s nearly pay day! So I’ve decided to treat myself…

For starters a massage and facial are definitely overdue. But I’m starting by treating myself to some fabulous dresses from Quiz Clothing. Their maxi dresses are bomb! This black number just oozes luxury and it’s on sale. Check them out yourself and thank me later 😀

And it gets even better! Check out my Instagram to win yourself a treat of your own…I’ve got one of these dresses to give away but you’ll have to be quick…


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