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5 Podcasts You Need To Listen To

5 Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Something I’ve really gotten into over the past year is podcasts. It’s either the in-thing now for everyone and their dog to have a podcast or it’s just me showing my age, because I’m obsessed! There are so many brilliant podcasts to choose from.

Here are my top 5 in no particular order. You can thank me later! 😀

1. Jesus and Jollof

Even just thinking about this podcast makes me grin to myself. Yvonne Orji and Luvvie Ajayi are two hilarious Nigerian-American women…or should I say “foolish goats”.
(You’ll get it when you listen to it 😉 )

They provide a fabulous introduction to Nigerian culture in the launch episode “The Five Nigerian Love Languages” and it’s all up from there.

Yvonne and Luvvie artfully navigate a range of topics that really resonate with me as a black woman and Nigerian living abroad. From bringing back fond (and often ridiculous) memories of my own experiences with my parents, to discussions about the hustle, growth and “making it”…and of course the occasional (hilarious) prayers, the pair are entertaining as hell!

I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for something to feed your soul and make you laugh out loud.

Jesus and Jollof on iTunes

2. The High Low

Another dynamic duo, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are two journalists who discuss news and pop-culture in a weekly roundup. From Kim and Kanye’s baby names and Cardi B, to Brexit and feminism, no topic is too high- or low-brow to be unpacked and debated. All this alongside good-natured banter, you feel like they’re your new best friends.

I only discovered this podcast last year and I ended up binge-listening about a year and a half’s worth of episodes in two weeks. I especially loved listening while I was in Hong Kong over the summer as it was a lovely reminder of home. Now I listen to it religiously every week.

Literally one of my top three podcasts, plus it’s a great way to keep somewhat abreast of current affairs and hot topics.

The High Low on iTunes

3. Passing Through

My most recent discovery, Passing Through is a series of short stories by NnekaJ (my longtime IG girl crush! Check out her Instagram, her pictures and captions are amazing).

Nneka beautifully shares stories and revelations from her own life and travels. Her voice is like silk and the pictures she paints with her words are vivid and out of this world. You feel like you could be in the room with her in San Juan or in the passenger seat of the car in Utah.

What tips it over the edge is that in addition to her beautiful storytelling, you also connect to life lessons in each piece. There is a depth to her that is just outstanding!

Best enjoyed with an open heart and a glass of wine – you won’t regret it!

Passing Through on iTunes

4. TED Radio Hour

If you love TED talks – What am I saying, everyone loves TED talks – the TED radio hour podcast is a great one!

Each episode covers a central theme and pulls together a few talks on relevant topics. Plus interviews with the speakers where they share more about their views.

What’s really great about it is that similar to the TED talks themselves, there is something for everyone. You might be a science buff wanting to “Peer Deeper into Space” or more of a generalist wanting to learn more about “What Makes Us…Us“. Either way, you’ll almost certainly learn something you didn’t know before.

TED Radio Hour on iTunes

5. Where Should We Begin?

Now this is a bit of a different one. In this podcast Belgian psychotherapist, author and TED speaker, Esther Perel,  invites you into her sessions where she works with couples facing various issues in their relationships.

In each episode you hear a different couple’s counselling session. Esther occasionally breaks out of the session to provide colour or explain things.

It’s fascinating, and not just because we’re a nosy bunch of amebos who like to listen to other people’s business. You get insight to the many different types of relationships and the nuances of interpersonal relations. You occasionally recognise yourself in one of the couples, or recognise patterns you may have come across in your past (or present) relationships.

Like I said, it’s definitely different but sooooo enlightening!

Where Should We Begin on iTunes

Honorary Mentions


This list wouldn’t be complete without Serial – an amazing podcast narrated by Sarah Koenig. Season 1 follows the investigation, trial and incarceration of Adnan, who is accused of murdering his 18 year old girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.

While I didn’t enjoy the second season as much, the first still stands out as one of the most interesting shows I’ve listened to. They released a third season with a different format, which explores in detail the American justice system.

Hangups and Hangovers

Set to be released at the end of January, HangUps and HangOvers is a new podcast hosted by my friend Bode.

Mr B, as he is popularly known, interviews black professionals who are killing it despite their hangups (insecurities) and hangovers (baggage)…And guess who features in one of the first episodes *flips hair with Beyoncé realness* 😀

I sat down with him to talk about my “real life”. How I balance blogging with a full time job, some of my plans for the year and why it’s important to “just f***ing start”. Look out for it on iTunes…

First 100 Years Podcast

And finally, one that’s very linked to my 9-5 is the First 100 Years podcast, hosted by Lucinda Acland.

2019 marks 100 years since women have been able to qualify as lawyers (as a result of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919). Can you believe that?!

This series of 10 podcasts will be released over the coming year. It follows the history of women in the legal profession decade by decade. There are interviews with some amazing legal pioneers, historians, academics and legal practitioners discussing topics like gender stereotypes, work/life balance and diversity. It’s set to be an amazing series!

Now tell me, what’s on your list of favourites that I’ve missed?

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