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5 Amazing Things to do in Tenerife

5 Amazing Things to do in Tenerife

I put together a list of 5 amazing things to do in Tenerife that don’t (necessarily) involve drinking. I will start by saying that I am a granny, so when I first found out I’d be going to Tenerife my first reaction was to recoil in horror at the thought of beaches and bars overflowing with 18-21 year old Brits, off their faces on cheap liquor like something off Geordie Shore! – like I said, I am a granny. But a little research (and an epic trip) proved that Tenerife is so much more than binge-drinking and rowdy teens – the island is full of beauty and there are so many great sights and things to do in Tenerife.

Β My Top Five Things to do in Tenerife

5. Check Out Playa de las Teresitas

Tons of white sand were shipped in to create this breathtaking artificial beach, and combined with a series of palm trees it is absolutely picturesque. I would say it is definitely worth seeing but full disclosure – it was windy as hell when we were there so be prepared for sand to go everywhere…EVERYWHERE πŸ‘€ I got back home to London and was still finding sand in all sorts of places haha! - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-19 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-20 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-21

4. Head to Costa Martianez

This is a mini complex of seawater pools, with bars, restaurants and the like nearby. We spent an afternoon here relaxing by the pool and scoffing down their delicious chicken wings (#random I know). I will warn you though, that the water was freezing, but it was a refreshing balance to the heat of the day. - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-4 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-3

3. See the Black Sands of Playa Jardin

Volcanic activity has left this beach with stunning black sand, which is something a bit different and looks amazing in pictures (of course I had to take a few “for the gram” πŸ˜€ – check out my Instagram page).

I also found that this beach wasn’t massively crowded, which was another plus. Walking around the area, we found some pretty gardens near one end of the beach and a sort of rock garden on the other end. I would definitely recommend it! - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-1 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-11 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-12 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-10

2. Rent a car!

There’s so much to see, so if you get the opportunity I would recommend renting a car. It cost us 30 EUR to rent one for the day and meant that we could head to other parts of the island quite easily. To put it in perspective, a taxi costs 100 EUR to get from the north to the south of the island (one way journey) – in our little car we spent 30 EUR on rental+insurance and less than 20 EUR on fuel. If you can hack it, it’s definitely worth it. Of course, it’s worth noting that they drive on the right hand side in Tenerife so if you are coming from the UK for example, you would need to be extra cautious.

We did a tour through the mountains and the views were unbelievable. There’s an area they call the “enchanted forest” which has a walking trail. Apparently its beautiful – I personally wouldn’t know because I’m not about that “walking-through-the-woods” life haha. But if you’re into that then definitely check it out πŸ˜€ - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-18 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-17

1. Visit Hotel Jardin Tropical

Hotel Jardin Tropical on Costa Adeje has amazing views of the sea. We only stopped by for some nibbles and drinks but they have a number of restaurants on site. If you did want to stay here, prices are currently in the region of Β£140 per night. They have an amazing outdoor terrace overlooking the water where they serve food and drinks, and you can watch the sunset while listening to live music. The vibe was just incredible and this was hands down my favourite spot on the island! - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-13 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-14 - Amazing things to do in Tenerife-16

So that’s it! Where have you been in the world that has completely surprised you compared to what you thought it would be? Let me know in the comments below! And as ever, if you like this post feel free to show me some love by liking, commenting and/or sharing it πŸ™‚

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