Brunch Style – A Dash of Blue

I posted about the delicious brunch I had at Christopher’s on May Day so thought I’d do a separate post to give you the lowdown on this simple but classic outfit… - A Dash of Blue 1
Coat from Karen Millen (currently out of stock) | Sunglasses Rayban - A Dash of Blue 10 - A Dash of Blue 4
Poloneck top on Asos (similar) | Cobalt blueΒ skirt from French Connection - A Dash of Blue 6

This was a great outfit for this transition weather (a.k.a miserable London weather) as the poloneck and tights helped with warmth, while the skirt gave a spring/summer vibe. Of course that very day it was sunny one minute and rainy the next so this was the perfect - A Dash of Blue - A Dash of Blue - A Dash of Blue - A Dash of Blue - A Dash of Blue 8

What are your favourite transition pieces? Let me know in the comments section below.

Lou xx


17 thoughts on “Brunch Style – A Dash of Blue

  1. You’re adorable! When you mentioned Karen Millen I knew you were London, because before my daughter moved there, I’d never heard of her. Then I think I recognized the streets from when my daughter lived in Kensington. Am I right?!! Or it could be Marylebone… I miss London. Love your outfit!


    1. Thanks so much Mimi, you’re too kind! 😊 And you’re absolutely right we were around Marylebone – well spotted, particularly for someone that doesn’t live here. I’m guessing you come to visit your daughter pretty often 😁 when last were you here?


      1. Unfortunately, she lived there for four years only, during which time I visited a LOT! But a few years ago she moved to NYC. Not as much fun to visit.


      2. I can imagine! New York sounds amazing, and a lot of people think it’s similar to London (but of course we’re biased towards London 😁😁). Meanwhile I want your daughter’s life! πŸ˜‚

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  2. Love this dash of blue! What a great way to punch up an outfit!!!
    Thanks so much for following our travel blog, Oh, the Places We See. One reason we love to travel is that we get to see what people are wearing, carrying, doing, etc. Best wishes for always safe travels and good times!


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